ROKHEDZ Officially Covers MUDVAYNE in both 
San Francisco and Portland Oregon!

ROKHEDZ witnessed MUDVAYNE pound the Fillmore SF into oblivion!

Taproot finished up their tour with Mudvayne in San Francisco. They got our blood pumping!

Depswa gave us their best shot!
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ROKHEDZ visits Legions Victorious while recording!

ROKHEDZ hung out at Trident Studios (home to many bay area metal bands) as Legions Victorious spat forth twisted dark Metal riffs! 

Snake from Skinlab provided the Inking Services!

Juan Urteaga at the controls mixin down the Metal Magic! Keep an eye out for Juan's band "Vial"
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ROKHEDZ to Cover NAMM show 2003!

ROKHEDZ is proud to announce that we will be covering the show in Anaheim on January 16 - 19, 2003. This is the place to see new products created for the musician in all of us. From guitars and amps to synths and turntables. ROKHEDZ will be there to show you who makes Metal sound the way it does today. Musicans and equipment manufacturers gather together to make new contacts and feel new products. This is like a candy store for musicians. So, pack your bags and get ready to check out the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA in January. For more info on the show and how to register please check out their website See ya there!

ROKHEDZ and The Metal Chef Create a fabulous feast for Testament!

We'd like to thank Chuck and Tiffany Billy for calling upon ROKHEDZ and The Metal Chef to provide a pre/post holiday dinner for the Testament family! Pictured left to right, John, Eric, Steve and Chuck prepare to do a bit of post "Turkeyday" carving with their own blades! This is a Metal dinner to be proud of.  Thanks!  
For more info on "The Metal Chef" check out his website! (click here)

ROKHEDZ welcomes DIO to Portland Oregon!

Ronnie James Dio gives the Roseland Theater something to Raise Horns about!  
It was the first show covered by Steve Anderson in Portland Oregon! 

ROKHEDZ will continue to bring you coverage from the Portland Area! So get ready, we've got your Metal Prescription filled! 

Cause you don't want to miss out on the fun!


Feed Testament and Billy Steel from "The Bone" 107.7

ROKHEDZ and "The Metal Chef" (Adrian Merrill) worked together to provide the guys from Testament with a pre "Bone Bash" Dinner at The Bone Studios in San Francisco last night November 1st. This the day after Halloween! It was great fun! Thank you everyone. There will be more to come so stay tuned...  
For more on "The Metal Chef" visit his web site! (click here)

ROKHEDZ was there for SkinLab's Fillmore Debut!

I'd like to thank SkinLab for giving me the honor of sharing a glorious evening with them at the Fillmore in San Francisco!  SkinLab received the call the night before Judas Priest would play the historic venue! As fate would have it I was thinking of Skinlab all day! (8.21.02) It was kind of strange how I was "Compelled" to call Jeff (SkinLab's Manager) Jeff was gracious enough to hook me up with photo passes to capture the "once in a lifetime" moment. This was the first time SkinLab played the Fillmore, and hopefully not the last. It was also the first time SkinLab opened up for Judas Priest. SkinLab rocked hard and showed us why they were chosen to warm things up! Judas Priest assaulted us ol school kids! It was just like the good old days, 

Ripper took us back as K.K., Glen, Ian and Scott drove us there. Thanks guys! You are Metal Gods! A special thank you goes out to the Staff and Management of the Fillmore! 
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ROKHEDZ creates Imagery for S1FT!

I'd like to thank S1FT for giving me the opportunity to hang with the guys in the band and capture some images for them. It was a gray yet pleasant day in San Francisco. We had a lot of fun wandering around scaring the locals. Like a pack of hungry wolves we scouted out locations to shoot from. We kicked ass and enjoyed gettin the job done. Look for the promo pics in Zero Magazine and on the S1FT web site! Thanks Guys! Hope do it again soon! To see the pic they chose for a bio-pic visit the S1FT web site! (click here) 


ROKHEDZ is coming to a TV near you!

We're picking up steam! We've been working hard to gather up people who are going to help us with the production of the Forth coming TV Show! Help us get to National syndication! We need your support! Buy a T-shirt or donate a cash contribution to ROKHEDZ! Help us create a wad of cash to throw at the media giants! We need to bring late night mayhem to you! Aren't you tired of late night infomercials yet? JUST SAY, "NO MORE!" by helping us to conquer late night TV! We want something to spin to after a hard night of partying! Don't you? 
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Hollywood effected by VIO-LENCE!

Sean Killian took control of the crowd!

Dean taunted us into a frenzy!
It was a great night for Technocracy, Penis Flytrap, and VIO-LENCE! Technocracy sounded their best yet!
Getting better all the time, this band is making fans salivate. 
Penis Flytrap was a sight to be seen...

I had to go to church 3 times just because of the sins I committed in my head during this show.
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S1FT n Technocracy Party at Bourbon Street in Concord, CA..

...It was the last show for a few months for S1FT so the boys gave it all they had! S1FT will take a break and go back into the studio to prepare for their next CD.

Guitarist Ted Aguilar will go off to do The DYNAMO OPEN AIR Festival in Holland with Death Angel!
Go forth and kick ass TED! For more pics check out the Images page (Click here)

Meanwhile Technocracy gets ready to go to Hollywood to perform with the Legendary band VIO-LENCE at the Key Club on Sat. the 15th of June. Don't miss this show!

Guitarist Phil Demmel gets his "SPOT" on! Phil is testing his Metal at the Moment, by playing in three different bands, VIO-LENCE, Technocracy and Machine Head! Phil will run off to Europe with Machine Head in July...Good luck Phil! Way to make Metal! For more pics check out the Images page (Click here)

 SKINLAB Exploded at Slims!

If you missed this show, you missed a killer home cooked pound fest! Complete with broken bottles, bodies flyin, special guests and Alcohol! All the bands put forth their best effort! But, watching Steev sweat made me appriciate them even more. Since the addition of Glenny on guitar this band has been focusing on makin shit happen! It was great to see them pack SLIM's. They also made it on the cover of ZERO magazine, nice job guys! We'll have some video of the show a bit later so keep checkin back! Keep an eye on our Hometown heros as they resume their NATIONAL TOUR! with the likes of 
Superjoint Ritual
& Speed Deale
is gonna BLOW FUGGIN UP!

OZZfest 2002!

Hey all you Ozzfest fanatics! Purchase your tickets! The OZZman cometh...
"I wanna hear you fuckin goin"ozzy

ROKHEDZ Formatting for TV!

Do you love the art of Pounding out Metal Madness? Do you strive to play as hard and as fast as you can? Are you thinking about hangin with the big boys on stage? Or are you just wacked out and want to see and hear some Metal Mayhem on your TV? We're starting to build a show that will KNOCK you OUT! It's gonna be filled with Heavy doses of Mind bending tones from some of the bands you've seen here on ROKHEDZ. We'll also discuss the technologies used to make the music. What amp should I buy? What brand of guitar should I buy? What effects can I use behind my vocals? What kind of drum kit should I get? And how many? These are just some of the questions we'll answer on ROKHEDZ! ROKHEDZ will be a 30 min show devoted to Metal and how to forge the sounds of Mayhem! Check your local listing for time and day....we're gonna be coming for YOU! 

Call to Sponsors!

ROKHEDZ is asking for your corporate sponsorship! Would you like your product to be seen or heard? How about tasted? Are you part of what makes the Metal magic? Do sell instruments? Do you provide technology to Musicians? Do you sell clothing for Rock Stars? ROKHEDZ has a level of sponsorship for you. Whether it's on the web, in print, on TV or on radio. Let us help you bring your products or services to the Masses! We have fans around the globe that hunger for Metal and Technology. ROKHEDZ is planning to take some Neilson points away from the infomercial world. We're tired of seeing those cheezy late night products sell. We want to bring entertainment back to our Late Night TV Viewers. Entertainment grabs audiences, and Edu-tainment provides an audience with choices! Help us help you! Let's fuel the fire that burns in our ROKHEDZ!

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Please contact:

David Anderson