2003 was the best year we've ever had.
(So Far!)

Superjoint Ritual and Devil Driver!

The 2003Holiday season brought with it charitable thoughts. These thoughts were then turned into actions! held a raffle to benefit the "Toys for Tots" program.

Thanks to Superjoint Ritual and DevilDriver

we had autographed CDs to give away!
The Edge Night Club in Palo Alto, California was gracious enough to allow us to hold this event. It was a lot of fun. We were able to raise enough cash to get a few toys for the Annual "Toys for Tots" Drive. We were able to donate at a location that also showcased Tyrone Wheatly of The Oakland Raiders.

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OZZfest plus Summer Sanitarium Covered in 2003!! 
What more could you ask for?

Covering so many Metal heroes! Strapping Young Lad was just one of many killer bands to grace the stage.

Summer with Ozzfest was a lot of fun! Ahhh...the warmth of the summer sun...

Twisted Method pumped up the crowd...

Shadows Fall turned it up for us!

Summer Sanitarium kicked ass in both San Francisco

and Seattle!

The summer of 2003 has been monstrous for ROKHEDZ!!

Officially covering Mudvayne at Knrk's BIG STINK 8. With a bill that included Stained/Powerman 5000/Taproot and more, just outside of Portland Oregon at The Estacada Timber Bowl! What a Show!! 

Portland area fans turned up the intensity for Mudvayne!
We had a great day!!
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We also covered 4 (count em) Four Ozzfest tour dates in 2003!

Coverage began in Devore, CA!

Where we had the honor of hangin with DEPSWA!! Our central California home town heroes!

The DEPSWA clan was great, they showed us true hospitality! 
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ROKHEDZ captured killer shots of the Ozzfest 2003 mayhem. showed it's commitment to Metal by being in front of the stage for most of the acts! If we missed a set it was because we were in the interview production mode. As a matter of fact my scalp is still peeling from the sun torture I received while shooting out doors during the daylight hours. I'm used to the darkened bars after midnight! It was incredible!! ROKHEDZ met with most of the bands and their managers who we're all very cool folks! Unfortunately we could not bring you any main stage coverage due to lack of permission from the main stage artists/record companies/management, maybe next year...This story is still a work in progress, so stay tuned for more fun!
In the meantime,
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ROKHEDZ will be Officially covering Ozzfest 2003! Coverage starts this weekend in Devore, CA!

We'll be hangin with DEPSWA!

Checkin in with VOIVOD and sayin thanks Jason!!!

Droppin off some footage to Killswitch Engage!
And meeting the rest of the bands on this insane annual Pilgrimage!!!
So stay tuned right here for your Ozzfest 2003 fix!!!
It may be coming to a town near you!

ROKHEDZ was representin in Las Vegas!
 Mudvayne rocked the desert!

They even wore their best Vegas polyester!

It's still fashionable to ROCK your asses off!!!
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ROKHEDZ was there for the Severed Savior CD Release Party!

Ragweed greeted us with Evil groans from beyond!

Asylum pumped our bodies full of adrenaline...

Severed Savior gave me nightmares for weeks...MUHAAAA!!!

We also gathered to remember a fellow Metal Warrior!!!
Rob "So Vile" Lumbre
Thanks So Vile Productions!!!
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ROKHEDZ is there for the Systematic CD Release Party!

Systematic came home from the road just to share the release date of their new CD "Pleasure to Burn". It was a great way to relieve the stress of TAX Day!

Systematic rides high on the beats from former Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph!

Thanks for the great evening of heavy riffs!

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Machine Head adds Phil Demmel!

Phil worked with Machine Head last year for their European Tour and
will continue to work with Machine Head as their full time axe man!

So, if you've been hiding from the law and haven't heard, Machine Head and Road Runner Records have released HELLALIVE! 
A killer LIVE recording featuring some of your favorite pounding Machine Head tunes!
(Bulldozer), (The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears), (Ten Ton Hammer) just to name a few...
The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears also has a video featuring footage with Phil on the Euro Tour, so be sure to
buy it and check it out! Or, to get a taste, check out their web site! (click here)

These were a few shots from The Vultures Row Show last year! 
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Good luck! and Kick some ass guys!

ROKHEDZ hangs at The Bay Area Thrash fest! 

There was just too much fun to be had at this event! We drank a few, came in contact with some crazy people!

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ROKHEDZ makes!

Photos from the San Francisco Fillmore have been posted by Mudvayne! ROKHEDZ is representing the month of January. We're so stoked to have captured the heavily theatrical, yet extremely talented MUDVAYNE! (again) We can't wait for them on "The Summer Sanitarium Tour"! We know MUDVAYNE will bring something extremely heavy for the crowds!
For more MUDVAYNE and to see the pics they've chosen visit !!!! Thank you MUDVAYNE!!!

ROKHEDZ covers "SOLD OUT" Halford/Testament/VIO-lence/Exhumed
@ HOB Anaheim

Exhumed started things off by growling and pounding out their own brand of punishment!

VIO-lence arrived on the scene to stir up the SoCal fans! The guys really showed Anaheim how to make METAL! The fans packed the floor to feel the heat!

Testament took the stage by force! And proceeded to give us what we came for!

Blistering guitar riffs abound!

Rob Halford topped off our evening of Metal Glory!

The night was filled with shredding licks and high pitched squeels, just the way we love it!

Halford was Killer!
Thank you for the hospitality HOB! 
And a special thanks goes out to our BAY AREA Crew of Metal Maniacs! 
Phil Demmel you da man!! Thanks for the hook up! 
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ROKHEDZ attends NAMM 2003!

ROKHEDZ had a great time at the Anaheim Convention Center.
We scouted out the Metal Heros

and the Equipment Manufactures
 that make the instruments and technologies that make our minds melt. Everywhere you turned there was a cool toy to play with! From percussion, guitars, amps to audio accessories and software.
This convention has what you are looking for,

even hot booth babes! Dave Couch from Mudslinger enjoyed hangin with ROKHEDZ and The Dean Guitars Booth Babes! Thanks for coming along Dave and Ruba!
It was also great to see a lot of our metal heroes. The Bay Area was well represented by members of Death Angel, S1FT, Sadus, Testament, Skinlab, Krenshaw, Dragonlord, Down Factor and Systematic. It was also great to see

Paul Stanley and fan,  

Dave and Kerry King of SLAYER 

Bootsy Collins with Buckethead

Mick #7 of Slipknot
and so many others promoting excellent products such as Gibson, BC RICH, TAMA, SURE, Marshall, DigiDesign, Dean Markley and more. We'd also like to send out a special thanks to EMG Pickups for the video promo soon to be released. We hope to go back again next year! We made some great contacts to help ROKHEDZ spread the word about live metal music. Watch for the video clips coming soon!
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And be sure to visit the NAMM web site for more info! (click here)