Here are Some of the Shows we've seen...

Ozzfest 2k1!!

Black Sabbath
! Fuckin, Sabbath Rules! We had a HELL of a great time. Meeting new people, makin some new friends. Pounding out some killer tunes from some of the best Heavy Metal bands out today! Mudvayne kicked ASS as usual setting the tone for day 1 of our 3 show tour. 
Sacramento... was a small but relaxed venue thanx to plenty of "consumables" and good people. When Mudvayne took the stage I made my way for the FRONT, where I was lovin in my in my hand...crazy fans pushin and shovin..."consumables kickin in"...and the dust flyin. Meanwhile my partner Tony acquired a pass and was hangin out behind the scenes getting some great shots for the site. 



Mountain View...our home town venue. We are always disappointed by the lack of intelligence when dealing with members of the security at Shoreline. If it wasn't for a couple of our friends and a couple of good employees that day may have started out all fugged up...But, the Rock'n'Roll Gods were with us. We we're able to connect with some friends and get the party started. Unfortunately No pics from this show. We partied all day long and well into the night. It was great. We went home and passed out...The next day... We struggled to our feet for the flight to San Bernadino.


San Bernadino...we love this venue because of it's circus of So Cal heads waitin to explode into a feverish Metal Frenzy. Hot Porn queens saunter about half dressed bouncing around to the pulsating tones. We love the decadence. We arrived at Glen Helen Park and was promptly greeted by tons of traffic, we were able to park on a side street and walked to the venue. We saw people stuck in a dried up river bed. Miles of filled up parking with nothing but dust covered cars and passed out people...It was beautiful...Did I mention that we flew down to the show and didn't even bother to buy tickets.  We were unable to connect with some friends who were working the tour, so no passes or ticket to get in.  We decided to go buy a lawn seat and get in any way we could.  We walked up to the ticket window, waited for a couple of people to decide if they were going to purchase...I recognized one of two small attractive girls and asked her if we had met before she replied "no". But, she stuck in my head...I hate that... I know I've seen her from some where...We urged them to purchase tickets...We're ready to ROCK! We then take our turn at purchasing tickets... I ask the cashier if he has 3 seats available for us... I swear I saw a beautifully evil glow about him... He then replied, "Yes, I have tickets in the orchestra area...would you like them?"  We snapped the tickets up and slid into our seats 3 rows behind the Pit!!  I told my friends Scott and Tony, "Dudes we just won the FUCKIN Lotto!"  We Proceeded to Rock the night away. Slipknot was killer and in our faces. Marilyn Manson got freaky for us. And Black Sabbath showed us why they are the "GODFATHERS of Metal". Oh yea...that little vixen...I finally remembered where I saw her...It was on my TV screen...She's a porn star!! Oh my, I better brush up on my porn queens. 

Slipknot thrashes San Bernadino!

Marilyn Manson spreads the word.

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Tommy from Nothingface tastes some 5 yr old San Jose Vodka with us after the Pantera Show!

MUDVAYNE in Chico, California
WOW Whata fuggin Show!

Steve of SkinLab growls for his 
fans at the Pound in San Francisco


Making the earth rumble with SkinLab



Watch out for these youngsters from


FleshHole will rock your sox off!

The Cactus Club in San Jose was the Place to shine
for FleshHole.....


Newcommers "Mallet" Rock the sceen with
Cris on Vocals...

Pumping guitar licks drive home the point
for "Mallet". Great job fellas.


Sepultura takes the Palace in LA!

The Pit in the Palace for HateBreed & Sepultura!

Hatebreed ROCKS the Palace in Los Angeles

Hatebreed warms the crowd up for Sepultura!

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ęGet Neked 6/2/01