Here are Some of the Shows we've seen...

Mudvayne in San Francisco and Portland!

Mudvayne braved winter storms to get to Portland's Roseland Theater! Where they proceeded to defy the critics by winning over new fans! Some wipes even think the new CD is softer...I say, "Get into the pit and feel the new shit up side your head!" Way to go MUDVAYNE!

Mudvayne brings tight and melodic licks to Metal! If you think you can get away without seeing them, Your wrong! Mudvayne brings a show to remember!

Steve Anderson brings you the coverage from Portland! Thanks for the time MUDVAYNE!

Depswa didn't make it to Portland, but they rocked us in San Francisco!

Taproot played like it was their last show on the Mudvayne tour! Actually it was! They went their own way after the San Francisco Show! Great show Taproot!

MUDVAYNE tore up the Fillmore in San Francisco! We witnessed the power and precision!

It was a family affair as Joe from S1FT announced the coming of MUDVAYNE! We also got a bit wild at the bar with Monica (aka ROCKER BABE), Chris, Joe and Dave!

Sarah stayed up late just to hang out with the guys from Mudvayne!

We also had the pleasure of hanging with the "Veteran Ring Master" Mark Workman! Mark keeps things together on the road as the Tour Manager. Thanks for the hospitality!
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3rd Strike, Otep, Noise Therapy play the Pound SF

Noise Therapy played hard for the Thursday night crowd!

Otep aroused the crowd with darkened overtones of maniacal music. It's no wonder why they were invited to play Ozzfest as an unsigned band. Great set OTEP!

3rd Strike brought us some LA based tunes! These guys played hard!
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Skinlab Play's The Bluenote in Las Vegas!

The fellas continue to represent the San Francisco Bay Area! Showing those lounge lovin lizards what it's about!

Primer55 pumped out some bouncy tunes to slam by...

Dope headlined the Jagermeister $12 tour! Every night showing what they're about! 
Keep up the hard work dudes!

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The Return of Testament!

This was Testaments' first show in 2 years! They didn't miss a pounding beat!

I gave chase to get the shot, as Jon and Chuck sped off into the darkness, with beer!
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VIO-LENCE w/ Hail Satan on Halloween!

Hail Satan warmed our lifeless bodies with some evil tunes.

Deen, Rob and Phil are ready for the Festivities!

Troy gets VIOlent for Halloween! While Phil gets high pimpin some licks...

Sean shows us his true colors! He's scary...



S1FT rocked Pine Street Bar & Grill for the first time! Great show guys!

SWARM kicked some ass!
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Kreator/Destruction/Cephalic Carnage
Psypheria/December/Sangre Amato

Jawsh from Cephalic Carnage get's pumped on 
Apple Fritters provided by the Metal Chef!


Steev growls for all the video cams provided
by the fans! Home grown fun!


In Flames, Kill Switch Engage 

WURKT and Doom Society 
play The Pound in San Francisco!

WURKT put in some hard time!

UNJUST rattled our cages, just to antagonize us...We love it!

Chris and Ted from S1FT brought every damn thing they had!

Bret Crane growls out his warning to mankind!
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Judas Priest and Skinlab
play The Fillmore in San Francisco!

Skinlab rocked the hallowed "Fillmore" in San Francisco!
Judas Priest rocked us back into classic metal form!

KK Downing can command a "Flying V" like no other!

Glenn Tipton showed us what we had coming!
Thanks for kickin some ass!
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Kittie and Killswitch Engage
play The Pound in San Francisco!

Killswitch Engage found a way to get it done!

Morgan of Kittie stirred up the Shit at The Pound in San Francisco!

Jennifer thumped out some riffs on bass!

Jennifer and Joe hangin after the show!
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Technocracy, Scorched Earth Policy and Krenshaw
play Nadine's Wild Weekend at The Pound in San Francisco!

Kelly and Matt of Krenshaw got the show pumpin!

The guys in Scorched-Earth Policy provided us with some heavy changes in wardrobe as well as riffs!

Technocracy made the return to the stage after a couple of months away! Just like ol times!..You ROCK!
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Dragonlord, Exhumed and Impaled
play the Pound in San Francisco
Impaled bludgeoned us into submission!

Then showed us their thanks!

Exhumed played with evil tools of destruction!

While their drummer pounded the skins!

Exhumed almost awoke the dead...

Dragonlord got medieval on our asses!

Eric belted out his Metal Anthems! We raise our horns to you!
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SkinLab and Scorched Earth Policy
play a free show at Bourbon Street in Concord

Scorched Earth Policy is a band everyone should check out!
This band is full of wonderfully deranged

SkinLab wasted no energy! The electricity vibrated through every note!

Steev pours a tall one for Dave of ROKHEDZ without lookin, as Chris from S1FT watches this veteran feat!
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SkinLab, DeathAngel and Machine Head
play Vultures Row Gig on Angel Island

SkinLab rattled the Hanger that housed the event!

Death Angel felt right at home on Angel Island!

Machine Head closed out the night! It felt like old times seeing Rob and Phil pounding out the chords! What a great show! Thanks fellas!
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S1FT with Man Made God and Mindsick!

Fremont based Mindsick warmed the crowd up!

Man Made GOD took us for a ride on their Holy pilgrimage!

S1FT then cooked our brains as they practice their craft!
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The Return of S1FT!

This was the Return of S1FT! After almost a month off, Ted Aguilar and Chris Dinsmore pick up right where they left off!

Bret Crane loosens his vocal cords!

Joe tickles the axe for Concord fans!
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Arch Enemy!

This band packed The Pound last Friday night! Lot's of evil children showed us their horns!

It was wall to wall Metal Maniacs! You couldn't go anywhere without stepping into someone's little piece of hell! It was great! 

Metal Heads came from all over the area to witness Angela Gassow with her demonic growl! Linda Blare has nothin on this possessed beauty!
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This was a show for extracurricular activities! Tool was Symphonic as usual!
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Death Angel "n" SkinLab
@ The Pound in San Francisco

Death Angel warms up the local scene bofore they head off to Burn up Europe!

Rob from Death Angel rocks for the cam!

SkinLab! Brought some volatile energy with them!

SkinLab is prepareing to take over your fuckin town soon! So get prepared check out the pics! (click here)

Candiria & 36 Crazy Fists
@ The Pound in San Francisco

Candiria pounded The Pound!

36 Crazy Fists! Whipin your ASS with some new moves!
Unfortunatley we had Tecnical difficulties at this show, so we have only a few pics. But, Check em out anyway (click here)

VIO-LENCE, Technocracy and Penis FlyTrap
@ The Key Club in Hollywood!

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S1FT, Technocracy and TripDevice

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SKINLAB CD release Party!

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Sift from April 12, 2002

Chris and the guys pound out some sounds for us crazy Metal Heads!
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Exodus w/Paul Baloff

Sift Dec. 2002

It was a blurry evening of Madness brought to us buy Exodus and S1ft!  This would turn out to be one of Pauls' last shows. We thank him for his energy and fire for Metal. ROK n Peace Paul! For more pics check out our Images page! (click here)

Kaos March 8, 2002

This was an evening at the Holiday Bowl! Classic fuggin shit! Bowl a few games, and then drink a few beers, and then go friggin RAGE in the LOUNGE with KAOS! These guys still melt eardrums...Thanks for the heavy shit! It was also nice to meet the guys! Keep up the pounding! For more from this show check out the images page. (click here)

Exodus May 4, 2002

It was Gary's B-DAY!
It was also the return of
Steve "Zetro" Sousa on Vocals!

HEY, "Zetro" Nice power vocals!
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Check out the Images from this show at the POUND in San Francisco!

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If you missed Skinlab at Bourbon St. in Concord California on 2-9-02... you missed a hell of a show. The boys are getting ready to hit the road this next month with SOIL. The Tour starts 3-3 and runs through 3-23. This tour will work it's way through the southern states.  It's gonna be fun... so check them out!  Skinlab played some of our favorites "Know Your Enemies" "Second Skin" and "Coward" just to name a few. They rocked hard! Steev busted some shit up.... To see more pics of the Show from Bourbon St. (Click here) To see a slideshow of HIGHLITES (Click here) If you want to visit Skinlab's site go to they also have the dates and locations for the March Tour with Soil!

ęGet Neked 6/2/01