Here are Some of the Shows we've seen...

2003 has been INSANE!!! has been covering some killer TOURS so far THIS YEAR!!!!
We've covered 
Buckethead w/ The Deli Creeps!!!
@ The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA

along with the Deli Creeps! These Freaks KICK ASS!!
The guys also allowed us to video tape the festivities!
Thanks fellas the DVD is on it's way! 
Don't miss them when the invade your town!!!

We also visited the "Kehoe Nation"

Complete with their own wacky brand of anthems!!
Killer Show!!!
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Meshuggah/Strapping Young Lad/Security
@ The Edge in Palo Alto

SECURITY provided us with hard driving tempos...

Strapping Young Lad Kicked our ASSES with insane musical twists and turns...
Thanks guys! You are METAL!

We fell into a deep Metal Trance as the fellas gave us a hell of a great show!
The Edge is a great place to see bands! Thanks for the hospitality!
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420 Musik Conspiracy Day 2!!

Stomach kicked some ass!
It was a day of Metal mayhem just for the KGB connoisseur!

Pissing Razors ripped up th neighborhood!

James from 40 Grit blasted some vocals out for us.

Skinlab pumped us on into the night by giving us a killer show!

It caused a few fans to get a little agro!!!

It was the LAST show for VIO-lence!! We're going to miss the fellas pounding it out together.

Troy let it all out as Rob Flynn reunited with VIO-lence for one last evening of mayhem.

Thanks for all the kick ass Metal! Your fans don't want the VIO-lence to end!
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Exodus, VOIVOD, KAOS, Stomach, Mad at Sam!

KAOS Put some heavy new stuff out for us to taste! Thanks guys!

VOIVOD surprised us all by showing up to ROCK our asses off! ROKHEDZ was honored to take photos and video of the new line-up! Thank you Jason! It was their first live performance with the new guys! Don't miss them on the Ozzfest tour! They will also be playing with Sepultura in selected cities!

Exodus pounded out some new killer tunes that will soon be hitting stores! You have to get this one! Thanks for everything guys!

ROKHEDZ hopes to get some video footage of Exodus next time!
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Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, and Kataklysm!

Maurizio Iacono belts out his brand of vocals!

Kataklysm took the stage by force!

Dying Fetus packed the house and directed a pit to be proud of!

The Pit made it hard to snap off some shots! Good job Metal Monsters!

Hate Eternal definitely showed some stamina.

Don't miss this show when it comes to your town!
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DOLLFLESH comes to America!

It was a great start for DOLLFLESH!

They played hard and fast, just the way we like it!

The Pound SF felt the Bloody Roots of Brazil!
Thanks for Coming! We'll have to see them again before they head home!

We also caught our first glimpse of Pitbull Daycare!

This Band was a mixture of heavy chords, some punk, some thrash...just plain heavy!
Keep pounding out the metal mayhem!
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OPETH/Paradise Lost
It was an honor to cover these great bands!

It had been ten years since we last saw Paradise Lost! Thanks for finding your way to San Francisco!

OPETH blew us away with their brand of progressive Heavy Metal from Europe! These guys are definitely Metal GODS!

OPETH devastated our senses with heavy licks and precise progressions!
Come back soon Guys!!
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Nile/Napalm Death/Dark Tranquillity/
Strapping Young Lad/
The Berzerker

This show was not for the faint of heart! The Pound in San Francisco was throttled by these high speed precision Metal Masters! 

NILE was pure adrenaline!

Napalm Death scorched the crowd with their speed and agility!

Dark Tranquillity gave us a fix of Swedish Metal!

Strapping Young Lad gave us something to chew on!

The Berzerker scared the beer out of us!
DON'T Miss these bands when they come to your hood!!!
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ęGet Neked 6/2/01