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namm show 2009!!

we can't wait to see and hear the gear used to make it all happen! from recording gear to cowbells, the namm show has it. this show is what sets the year off right. we'll bring you the sounds and images of amazing talent that visits the floor at the anaheim convention center.

remember this namm show 2004 moment? mick (#7) of slipknot provides a fan with a friendly choke hold at the bc rich booth.

pictured above left to right, george lynch (lynch mob), tom araya (slayer), dave mustaine (megadeth) sign for fans at the esp booth. we are ready for the 2009 namm show!!

re:ignition on myspace!!

steev gets it going  on guitar while in re:ignition! 

they'll be doing a small run with 36 crazy fists! so, go check them out when they hit your area! stay tuned.. for more pics
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asesino mayhem!

asesino was insane...6-6-06
the show was heavy as hell.

it was almost as if i've seen them before somewhere. all i know is it was alot of fun. thanks guys! keep pounding it out...
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rockstar mayhem tour!

we'll have more images soon... stay tuned...

sounds of the underground!

this show was what we needed! pure insanity...
look out it's the gwarmobile!

behemoth! tore us up! with blistering dark riffs!

all horns up!

gooed by gwar!

cannibal corpse gave us what we came for, mayhem to pit by!
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slayer! @ the salem armory!

jeff hanneman drives the pit! steve anderson captures the moment... 

kerry king give everything he has for the insane fans! there was some blood shed in the pit!
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mudvayne "found in portland"!!

chad gave the fans what they came for, intense and mind bending vocals. 

greg spewed forth chucky squealing licks for us all to savor.

ryan thumped and plucked insane bass riffs for all to feel.

matt was engulfed in the belly of an mechanical torture machine, testing his extrmeties, pushing him to the limit! thanks for all your hard work guys you kick ass! to see more (click here).


namm show!
jan. 15th - 18th 2009
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