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mudvayne "lost and found"!!

rokhedz searched for mudvayne in northern california and found mayhem on two nights! it was a friday night in chico, ca at the senator theater . man the bodies were flyin! 

we started our friday night off with life of agony. they rocked hard and we loved it! we traveled a few hours to get there so we missed out on bloodsimple and american headcharge. mudvayne hit the stage and we tore into action braving the pit to get some photos for you.

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on saturday night 5-7-05 we came home to the warfield in san francisco. we had the chance to get photos from everyone on the tour.
bloodsimple was killer! don't miss these guys when they hit your town!

american head charge kept the energy flowing. their set was kick ass! so much metal...

life of agony made their presence know as they turned up the heat in the warfield.

we went nuts when greg of mudvayne churned out shredding new riffs from "lost and found" the new cd. you have to add this one to your collection! 

chad gave us everything we came for!
ryan makes magic with his precision bass licks and unwavering energy.  thanks for being musicians. rokhedz loves what mudvayne continues to bring to the music  industry, intelligence, honesty, and intensity! keep up the great work guys! for more pics... (click here)

mudvayne guerilla tour 05!!
rokhedz managed to infiltrate the highly secretive ops known as the mudvayne guerilla tour!

chad gave blood on the first night out. the fans lined up to hopefully witness the return of mudvayne! 

the boardwalk in orangevale, ca (near sacramento) was the inaugural battleground. many were turned away due to lack of venue.

once inside the fans were treated to a preview of the soon to be released project "lost and found". mudvayne will be coming to a town near you soon so don't miss this band of crazy performers.

greg and ryan worked out the kinks as they acclimated to performing live again after almost a year off the road. these guys looked and sounded like mid-tour veterans. 

rokhedz also managed to score a killer video interview with all the fellas in the band. we'll be posting the interview soon in our metal theater! so stay tuned! in the meantime check out the killer pics...
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the volto! experience

our first night in socal led us out to the baked potato where we saw an amazing show put on by volto! 

an amazing group of true musicians featuring danny carey of tool on drums, john zeigler of pigmy love circus on guitar, lance morrison bassist extraordinaire, and kirk covington the multi-talented, on vocals and keys. these guys ruined it for any musicians that followed by playing amazing renditions of stevie ray vaughn, led zeppelin, alman bros. and other classics that felt like the real deal. don't get us wrong we love metal, but we love musicianship first. if you aspire to communicate through music this shit hits the bone! if you get a chance to see these guys, don't miss a beat... check out the photos!
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van's warped tour '04! covered the warped tour in san francisco! we had a great time, just hanging with the bands and the fans!
it turned out to be a killer day in sf, the fog burnt off and left us with a sunburn to remind us of the fun we've had. we're still sheddin skin...

early november started things off for us. they brought some added energy to an already, monster energy drink, amped crowd. for more on the show stay tuned...

skinny puppy!! covered the long awaited return of skinny puppy!

if you missed this show you missed one hell of a show! the blood flowed from the stage as ohgr bathed himself in his own crimson life liquid!!! (simulated of course) it was an awesome spectacle complete with cryptic symbology and computer aided death on a large screen and tv monitors!
if, and when these guys come back, you better not miss them. a giant thanks to all of you that helped get into the event!!
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going strong in 2004 !!!
we've had some killer shows so far this first quarter of the year 2004

dez fafara of devil driver kickin ass on the road!!

mikael ┼kerfeldt of Opeth!

george "corpsegrinder" fisher of cannibal corpse
belts it out @ slim's!!
just to name a few of the killer bands we've had the privilege to cover so far this year

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soulfly and ill ni˝o

max of soulfly pummeled the fillmore  in san francisco, ca. with punishing, throbbing brazilian based tribal tempos, fused with pure metal. 

soulfly knows how to create a frenzy! 

it was great to see the floor come alive with every drum beat! the pit was alive and well in sf!  

ill ni˝o started off our night at the Fillmore. The fellas brought their own brand of latin flavored metal. 

songs in both spanish and english flow from a diverse mix of melodies and hooks. killer stuff fellas!

check out the photos!
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unearth tore up the pound in san francisco.
we had to dodge the flyin bodies as the fellas brought their brand of intensity driven chops.

terror had them hanging from the rafters (literally) it was great fun seeing 250+ pound men flying off the stage and into the crowd... stay tuned for more...
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re-ignition rocked the whiskey a-go-go. this band is beginning to turn heads.
dave (vocals) belts it out for the early evening crowd.

steev brings a heavy and powerful style to the stage. don't miss re-ignition  when they come to your town!!
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rob flynn commands the hometown crowd with intensity! slim's provided the location for this evening of rowdy splendor. 

chimaira churned out their special brand of brutality!

trivium warmed the bones of the pit hungry crowd.

adam and his clan from security was called in to set the ground rules for the evening! way to get the party started... we loved every minute of the show fellas.

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mayhem at 
the meadows ii! covered one of the heaviest shows of the year held in the portland, or area! rock 101 kufo sponsored the show!
the fan's came from miles around to pit! drink! & be hairy!!! we savored the power of slayer! 

hatebreed made us all insane with their brand of musical therapy.

super joint ritual added some phil anselmo fueled fire to the stage! and we loved to hate slipknot! they pounded out a killer set but didn't allow any photos! maybe next time folks....
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namm 2004!!
was the best it's been so far!

snake and mick thompson hangin out at namm 04! you may ask yourself, what is namm 2004? namm is the international music products association. every year namm holds a four day event in anaheim, california. a convention created to help music manufactures and artists get together. this years theme was "believe in music". 

with insane artists like seven from slipknot gettin in touch with fans, who can disbelieve? when you visit namm you can expect the unexpected! everywhere you go there are tons of intense toys!

and around every corner awaits a metal god!!

left to right george lynch, tom araya, and dave mustaine sign at the esp booth! stay tuned for more on the event, we'll have a video clip showcasing namm 2004! in the meantime check out the photos!
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lamb of god/fear factory/children of bodom

rokhedz spent halloween weekend 2004 absorbing some of the heaviest riffs on the planet. it was like a mini-fest of murderous guitar mayhem.
it started on thursday night at the warfield, in san francisco with exodus pounding out the bay area thrash for the hometown crowd.  we we're honored to have chuck billy (testament) fill in for steev esquivel (skinlab/re-ignition/exodus). steev suffered from eye irritation that caused his eyes to swell. he was advised by doctors not to perform. he came out anyway! steev and chuck belted it out for a few songs to wrap up the set. it was an amazing evening...
megadeath hit the stage and proceeded to bring us the dave mustaine driven chops we all know and love. megadeath made monsterous guitar riffs to pit by... dave and the fellas gave us a real treat, it was good to taste megadeath again!! go check em out when they come to your town. friday night rokhedz returned to the scene of the crime for a second day of pummeling. children of bodom opened the show. they aroused the metal hungry crowd with spooky leads and pounding double bass. fear factory played to kill!! the bass and drums, guitar and vocals together added up to a symphony of volume. byron helped to dislodge the cares of the day by vibrating every nerve loose.
lamb of god finished us off with their holy sacrifice.
they drove the metal deep with speed and precision.
they ran about the stage possessed, obsessed by the spell that is metal!!! thanks for the fun everyone the bay area still kicks ass!! stay tuned for more...
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static-x w/ soil

wayne takes a break to ask for another shot of something in a glass before they ripped up the next heavy goove based tune. 

trip works over his axe to create sounds fit for a technophile...

soil pummeled us with their own brand of american made metal. heavy stuff straight from chicago. 

ryan gave us something to remember..

blistering licks made the crowd squirm with excitement. it was a great night of killer music at the fillmore in san francisco. rokhedz will be there for the next one...

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